Friday, 17 May 2013

R.I.P Flynn

Well it is over. The book has closed on the Age of Flynn within our gaming group.

In the end, he ruined the joy we used to have within our group. Our group's Facebook page became an endless frustration as post after post was ruined by his incessant and irrelevant commenting. To some of you out there, it say seem like a petty thing, but you cannot imagine the pain he brought us. We tried out best to overlook his short comings, but he made it impossible for us to do so. Games he participated in quickly turned into a massive headache as he questioned everything that happened, bent the rules to suit and outrightly powergamed his way to 0 wins within the group.
Behold! The ruiner of all things good in this world

But the time for us to dwell on this unfortunate event is over. It is time for us to focus on a new age, an age where all men have the freedom to post and comment without fear. It is time for the  Golden Age of the Gaming Group!

As such, here is an insight into the happenings of our group over the last few weeks.

The models have been put to the side for a while whilst we explore the world of Dark Heresy. After two games of it so far, I think we are on a winner. We - thankfully - have an experienced GM helping us out. It has made everything run so much easier, but I fear he is getting worried for our souls due to the decisions we are making (highlights have included: Daniel summoning some rats, putting them into a bucket, placing said bucket on a victims stomach and heating it until the rats ate their way through the victim. I managed to use all my strength to twist a crack fiends head clean of her body.)
But we will still make it to heaven right??

Fun for all - unless you are having your stomach gnawed at by rats in a bucket...
In other news, I am going to try my hand at GMing a 40k game between Matt and his Tau, and Stuart and his Tyranids. I am currently writing up a narrative and set of twists and turns which I will throw at the boys through out the course of the game. It should be an interesting experience and I am hoping to be able to turn it into a campaign at a later date.

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